Instant Bank Transfers Plugin from Noda to OpenCart

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Key Features:
Global Reach: Operating in 28 countries with 1650+ banks.
Compliance and Security: Adhering to PCI DSS level 1 and supporting UK and EU Open Banking standards (OBIE, XS2A, STET, RedSys).
Extensive Payment Networks: Including FPS (UK), SEPA Instant (EU), SWIFT (worldwide), and EPS (Canada).

Welcome to the future of online payments with Noda, your leading global payment provider. Our official plugin for OpenCart revolutionizes how online merchants accept and process payments.

Noda Products:
Pay Ins:
Open Banking Payments: Fast, secure bank transfers.

Pay Outs:
Bank Payouts: Fast, convenient bank-based payouts for mass payments.

Data Services:
LTV Prediction Service: Secure and insightful bank information for customer sign-in.
Sign Up+Deposit: Quick, secure bank transfers.
User Verification Service: Utilize banking information for secure customer logins.

Commerce Services:
AI-Generated Payment Links: Personalized, branded payment pages, accessible via link or QR code.
Donation Service: Streamlined solution for streamers to collect donations during and beyond broadcasts.

Elevate your e-commerce experience with Noda – your gateway to efficient, secure, and versatile online payments.

Before you begin

Before proceeding with the plugin installation and configuration, ensure you've completed the onboarding process, signed the contract with Noda and obtained access to the Production API keys.

If you haven't completed these steps, please visit Noda and follow the provided step-by-step guide.

- PHP version
Please make sure your PHP version is at least 7.0.3. Any version of PHP between 7.0.3 and 8.2.x is supported.
- OpenCart version
Please be aware that you need a WordPress version of 3.0 or newer. You can easily find your version by checking the bottom of your OpenCart admin panel.

1. Download archive file above.
2. Navigate to 'Admin'
3. Select 'Extensions'
4. Click on the 'Installer' and choose the 'Upload' button

Configuring the plugin

OpenCart configuration
To view the list of payment methods, please follow these steps:
1. Go to 'Extensions'
2. In the 'Extensions' submenu, select 'Payments'
3. Look for 'NodaPay' among the available payment methods:

4. Click the 'Install' button if the plugin is not yet installed, or click 'Edit' to add account data.

To enable live, real payments:
1. Disable the 'Enable test mode' option
2. Add ‘Api Key’, ‘Signature’, and ‘Shop Id’ values with your organization's specific credentials, which can be accessed in your Noda personal account.

Interpretation of payment statuses

1. Approved Status: The order status when payment is successful
2. Failed Status: The order status when payment is not successful
3. Order Status: The order status after placing the order and before payment is completed

Additional options

Redirect after payments. You can include a custom URL key in the 'Return URL' if you wish to direct the customer to a specific page after payment. By default, it is set to the success page.

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